Police top tour poll

The Police made more money than any other act in North America with their 2007 tour, it has been confirmed.

Sting and co’s reformed rock titans made their live comeback earlier this year, playing a total of 54 concerts in the US and Canada.

The shows raked in $131.9 million, almost double that of Kenny Chesney and Justin Timberlake in the Top 10.

Celine Dion and Van Halen were fourth and fifth in the survey, which was carried out by American trade publication Pollstar.

The Top 10 is as follows:

01 The Police ($131.9m)
02 Kenny Chesney ($71.1m)
03 Justin Timberlake ($70.6m)
04 Celine Dion ($65.3m)
05 Van Halen ($56.7m)
06 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill ($52.3m)
07 Rod Stewart ($49.0m)
08 Genesis ($47.6m)
09 Josh Groban ($43.0m)
10 Rascal Flatts ($41.5m)

As previously reported, The Police headline the Isle Of Wight Festival alongside the Kaiser Chiefs and the Sex Pistols next summer.


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