Nikki Sixx proud of Motley legacy

sixx.jpgNikki Sixx says, that he can look at Multi-coloured albums Considered as “girls де girls де girls” with  pride, even seen as it bombarded not in sense in this epoch.

Sixx speaks, though he played this music in the environment of its narcomania, he has still created some beautiful songs.

He only speaks, because it was on narcotics, did not depreciate music. Meanwhile, it specifies, that the reason “doctor Feelgod” exceeded in the price “girls girls girls”, was, because the line was abirritated and co-operated.

Sixx says, that the line wished to go always 200 thousand per hour and even if it did not have a figure taking Known, multi-coloured Clod believe “there would be one more of the most shocking lines in chronology.”


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