iForward, Russia! Who on tours causes now their welcomed second album, Life Processes, declared, that evening Newcastle show in Academy 2 has been postponed because of bad health.

The operator came to an end on readings of a website of strips as follows:

‘ We regret, that have informed you, that evening display in Newcastle is postponed – because of the Volume suffering from a voice / of a problem of narrowing.

He was able finish a set yesterday in Dundee, but doctors have decided, that it would be imprudent to play tonight. Now we plan to continue displays from the date of Sunday in Liverpool.

Once again, we send the apologies. Please keep to tickets as we plan that переупорядочить display shortly. ‘
un 20th April LIVERPOOL, Barfly over 14’s only

Mon 21st April BRISTOL, Thekla over 14’s only

Tue 22nd April LONDON, Kings College over 14’s only **

Wed 23rd April PORTSMOUTH, Wedgewood Rooms over 14’s only

Fri 25th April BIRMINGHAM, Barfly over 14’s only

Sun 27th April MANCHESTER, Academy 3 over 14’s only

Mon 28th April LEEDS, Cockpit over 14’s only **

Tue 29th April NOTTINGHAM, Rescue Rooms over 14’s only


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