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Chris Martin ‘sex and death’

May 8, 2008

Chris Martin says, that new album Coldplay’s is complete “sex and death”.
The 31-year-old frontman admits the band’s fourth LP ‘Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends’ deals with dark themes, but also has a lighter side.

He has told: “If you listen to record there are loadings of things in there. There is a floor and mors, both love and pavor and travel and girls and illness. It is all in there.”

Chris has shown, that the bar aspired to show the various approach after their third album ‘ X and Y ‘.

We had some of those, but we have taken out them. We have decided, that has come to place time that the bar can make forwards. ”

‘Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends’ is due to hit shelves worldwide next month.


Tyga Teams Up With Lil Wayne For Free Mixtape

May 8, 2008

DJ Nice and PDA present the sponsored edition of Tyga’s “No Introduction – The Series” mixtape for FREE download starting April 10th. This is the first of 2 mixtapes that will be available on the 10th of each month leading up to June 10th when Tyga’s debut album NO INTRODUCTION hits stores.

1. Supafly
2. Exquisite feat. Lil Wayne & Gata
3. Google Me Remix w/ Teyanna Taylor
4. Summer Girl feat. K-dot, Gata & Q
5. Know Ya Self Out Freestyle
6. Get With This
7. X-mas story
8. Dey Know Freestyle
9. Rotten Mind
10. Photo
11. Bless You
12. Tyga’s world
13. Pain